Derek Merson

Derek Merson (Car Sales), The Metropole Garage

QBO has certainly helped with efficiency at The Metropole Garage, a large used car sales platform with full garage facilities for repairs and MOTs, in Minehead.

The impact has been felt not only by the admin staff, but also at management level by the partners, who now have access to figures as close to real time as you can realistically get.

Though Quickbooks Desktop has been used to reasonable effect as the backbone of the accounting system for many years, with the admin staff of James and Brian chasing their tails trying to keep as close to up to date as they could, the introduction of QBO for the main business car sales and garage aspect of the business has meant they work far smarter and more efficiently than ever before.

“This time saving has been so welcome in a busy workplace where interruptions are so prevalent” stated James Curgenven, the full time bookkeeper, who raves about the online version, adding “Being quite techy, I looked at a very early version of QBO around 20 months ago, and didn’t take too long to assess that it was not ready for use in that much of the necessary functionality was not available. After Brian re-introduced the new version to me back in March, I was blown away by the change, and am still finding great features that we can use which will further add to our efficiency and the overall satisfaction of being able to make a difference and get my work completed to our critical timescales, on almost a daily basis”.

From the management perspective father and son team Derek and Paul Merson, now have access to a myriad of figures which can be presented in a meaningful way.  “The new version seems to have been designed to assist with important matters such as credit control, for example an online payment facility. It gives us other tools we didn’t realise we could access which is another bonus we have “clicked onto” since going to the cloud version”.

In the coming weeks the staff are now looking at implementing QBO for the two other businesses run from the same office, being a commercial property letting business and a seafront hotel with a large ballroom and bar. “Work has actually been fun since getting to grips with QBO from soon after the upgrade in May”, commented James.

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