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Lester Nicholls is the founder and driving force of one of Minehead’s most respected plumbing and heating contractors, Nicholls & Sons (Plumbing & Heating) Ltd. Having swapped London’s bright lights and hot tubs for West Somerset’s relaxing coastline and chilled reservoirs, Lester has followed his hot water pipe-dreams and developed a family business that will keep his wife and two sons, along with a growing database of satisfied customers warm in the winter and cool in the summer. But it has not always been a tale of relaxing baths and whirlpools.

He recalls the clutter of demanding paperwork, red tape and chaos that went with running your own service based business. The foreign language of payroll, book-keeping and the pending deadlines and imminent taxation all became a real drain on productivity until he was introduced to Quickbooks@Computaccounting, the local cloud accounting specialists, who have been able to set up a bespoke system that has changed the business’ outlook on finances and bookwork.

Lester’s wife Judy takes up the story saying….”Having used a rival desktop version at work for such a long time I was very sceptical when our accountant introduced QBO to us earlier this year, but I am now so grateful that he did. The whole trendy feel, the ease of use and the logical way it is all laid out makes so easy to get to grips with, and to be fair none of us apart from youngsters actually like the thought of change just for the sake of it. I actually look forward to doing the bookwork nowadays. Whilst friends tell me this is sad, they (and I) can’t get over the time it has free’d up”

Lester himself, who is by his own admission “not a computer or technology person” was recently asked by a thankful customer “If you get the bill to me swiftly I’ll pay you straight away”. Lester’s retort was “My accountant reckons that with the software he’s put us onto, I can do an invoice on my iPad in the van and email it straight to you. I don’t know how to use it but I think that Judy did your bill ready for me last night – I’ll see if I can sort it”.

Somehow he managed to find the invoice and click on a send button but he “Wasn’t sure if he’d sussed it”.

Lester then drove home (about half a mile) and when “Judy brought me ham roll in for me, she told me she’d just had Intuit’s email telling us that he’d already paid!'”

“I nearly wet ’em” said the chirpy cockney. Nowadays I even get time to watch Fulham on the tele whilst enjoying a pint”, even against my accountant’s so called better judgement”.

Obviously I couldn’t possibly pass comment (Brian).